Corrosion Resistant Tips Dispensing Needle

The integrated corrosion-resistant needle has good elasticity and is easy to extend to complex working surfaces, mainly to prevent scratches on the product surface.



Corrosion Resistant Tips Dispensing Needle:
Square seat integrated PP flexible needle, also known as P series dispensing needle, which adopts the production mode of one body forming, to ensure that the needle base and needle tube do not fall off, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance

Corrosion Resistant Tips Dispensing Needle’s Parameters
Gauge Color ID(mm) OD(mm) 12.7mm
14 Clear 1.55 1.84 CRT 14050 CRT 14100
15 Clear 1.2 1.64 CRT 15050 CRT 15100
18 Red 0.84 1.28 CRT 18050 CRT 18100
20 Yellow 0.6 1.05 CRT 20050 CRT 20100
22 Clear 0.4 0.9 CRT 22050 CRT 22100
25 Clear 0.3 0.8 CRT 25050 CRT 25100

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