Dispensing Valves

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What is Dispensing Valves:

Dispensing Valves are used to dispense and control various liquids to different stations. For example, it is used in a variety of manufacturing environments such as electronic product dispensing production, household appliance parts production, precision chemical liquid injection flow control, and biochemical product industrial production. Due to different application scenarios, the flow control and working principle of dispensing valves are also different.

How to choose Dispensing Valves?

Due to the number of channels, inlet and outlet pipe diameter, and the length of outlet pipe, there are many specifications of liquid dispensing valve. The capacity of different specifications of liquid dispensing valve is also different, while each specification has an upper and lower flow limit. When the flow exceeds the upper limit, the pressure drop of liquid dispensing valve and liquid dispensing pipe is too large; When the flow is lower than the lower limit, uneven pressure distribution occurs. Therefore, when selecting the liquid dispensing valve, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the load range, the number of channels, the length of liquid dispensing pipe, the evaporation temperature and the channel situation for selection.

Btektech Dispensing Valves:

Btektech dispensing valve can be divided into Needle Off Dispensing Valve, Suck Back Dispensing Valve, and plunger-type. Different types of valves are available for liquids with different viscosity. Some valves are fitted with needles for accurate gluing.

Why choose Btektech?

Btektech have rich experience in the production of liquid dispensing valve equipment, as well as dedicated equipment production lines. Customers only need to provide us with the production requirements and related equipment situation, we can give professional advice on relevant equipment selection. Depending on the production needs, Btektech have a variety of many kinds of models of dispensing valves. For example, the thimble-type, the suction-type and the plunger-type. These different product designs can be applied to many kinds of fluids, so as to precisely dispense fluid flow and speed according to production needs. Some dispensing valves are also available with dispensing needles for precise bonding in machine operations.