Dual Cartridge Epoxy Gun&Syringe Guns

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What is Syringe Gun?

Syringe Gun is a kind of gluing (or glue squeezing) dispensing tool, which may be used wherever glue is needed. It is widely applied in industries such as construction decoration, electronics appliances, automobiles and auto parts, ships and containers.

Categories of Syringe Gun:

Pneumatic Syringe Gun:

Pneumatic Syringe Gun rely on compressed air as the power to push the bottom of glue, which can reduce the labor intensity of operator to improve tefficiency and quality of glue. There is no need to connect to the power supply, generally the factory production line equipped with compressed air source (Air compressor station or air compressor from factory through air pipe).

Manual Syringe Gun:

Manual Syringe Gun is a kind of syringe gun which the operator presses the plate by hand to achieve glue. When operator using it, they first pull back the pusher to set the top, then put the mixing pipe filled with glue into the syringe gun position, and change the matching mixing nozzle at the front of the glue cylinder, then wrench to dispense glue. The manual syringe gun has small size, easy to operate, convenient to carry, which can be used in various work scenarios. The syringe gun can accommodate a wide range of liquids for dispensing operations. Operators can operate the equipment correctly after short-term training. It is an indispensable tool in a variety of engineering constructions.

Dual Cartridge Epoxy Gun:

Dual Cartridge Epoxy Gun is specially for smudging or dripping various dual component of adhesive or paint to design, which can solve the problem of mixing two-component adhesive products unevenly.

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