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What is Static Mixing Nozzle?

The static mixing nozzle, also known as a static mixer, is a device used to mix two or more materials together without the need for any moving parts. It is commonly used in industrial processes where precise mixing is required. The nozzle is made up of a series of fixed elements or channels that are designed to create turbulence in the materials as they pass through, thereby promoting the mixing process.

Static mixing nozzles are typically made from materials such as plastic, and are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications. They can be used with a wide range of materials including adhesives, sealants, resins, paints, and other fluids.

Why use Static Mixing Nozzle?

We usually find single-component and two-component glue products with different systems when we use glue. The two-component glue consists of two components, A and B. Before use, the two components need to be mixed according to a certain ratio. After mixing the glue to play their bonding role, the static mixing tube contributed to the mixing role. As for the static mixing tube, it does not need to be driven by external forces, only the use of fluid itself through the mixer, continuous cutting and reunification, the two materials into a uniform mixture. There are usually round mixing tubes and square mixing tubes. Automatic coating equipment is more likely to choose round mixing tubes, while square or round tubes can be used for manual gluing. The specific choice can be made according to different needs. So the static mixing tube, as a key component of two-component adhesive mixing, needs to be used according to the standard usage specification. As a consumable, it needs to be replaced regularly. The hand-held branch adhesive can be mixed automatically in the correct volume ratio of each component. Generally a uniform color distribution indicates a homogeneous mix. After mixing, the adhesive cures quickly.

Different interface of static mixing nozzles:

Currently btektech has a wide range of static mixing tubes. The static mixing nozzles are classified according to their form Bell Mouth static Mixing Nozzle, Bayonet Static Mixer Nozzle and Twist Lock Type Static Mixing Nozzle. If you have any questions about specific applications, please contact us.

The interface of static mixing tubes adopts bayonet form or spiral type. Its working principle is: after coming out of rubber hose A and rubber hose B and flowing through the mixing tube, the glue liquid can be cut, sheared, rotated and remixed by the spiral blade many times, and then divided into several small parts. The spiral blade makes the glue flow rotate sometimes left, sometimes right, changing the direction of the flow. In doing so, not only the central fluid is pushed to the periphery, but the surrounding fluid is also pushed to the center, so as to form a good liquid mixing effect.

Applications and Advantages

Static mixing tubes are increasingly used in the field of thermoplastic processing. For the injection molding process, the function of static mixing nozzles is extended by high mixing efficiency and low-pressure drop. Durable hybrid components are corrosion-resistant and can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Static mixing nozzle has many advantages: such as the decrease of the raw material cost, the reduction of the defective rate, the improvement of the dimensional accuracy of products, the shortening of the molding cycle, the improvement of the quality of products produced from recycled materials and so on.

Why choose Btektech?

Btektech is a professional static mixing nozzle manufacturer, with leading technology, good quality, honest and trustworthy advantages. According to the customer requirements, the production of multiple media and production standard static mixing nozzles, disposable static mixing tubes can be carried out.