Btektech is a high-tech company specializing in two-component glue dispensing systems, dispensing products, and consumables. The main products are: dispensing tips, epoxy mixing nozzles, syringe barrels, industrial hose clamps, dispensing valves, dual epoxy gun and syringe guns, etc.

Dispensing Tips


Btektech supply 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 1.5 inches and Stainless Steel, Plastic, Teflon Materials dispensing tips.

The dispensing tips can be used to adjust the flow of the mixing nozzle; It is often matched with the rubber cylinder to complete the precise dot and linear gluing work. It is an indispensable tool in dispensing production.

Btektech can supply a wide range of materials and sizes of dispensing needles to meet the dispensing needs of different manufacturers and industrial equipment.

Epoxy Mixing Nozzles

The Epoxy Mixing Nozzles are used to continuously cut and reorganize two different liquids through blades in the tube, so as to completely and evenly mix the two different liquids into one.

Btektech supply three different categories of Epoxy Mixing Nozzles: Static Mixing Nozzles, Dynamic Mixing Nozzles and Dental Mixing Nozzles

Btektech can carry out customized production of Epoxy Mixing Nozzles. The shape of the nozzle, the shape of the tube body and the shape of the glue outlet can be designed and custom-produced to suit the customer’s production needs.

Syringe Barrels

The Syringe is composed of a syringe barrel, piston (pneumatic)/push rod (manual). The syringe barrel is smooth and delicate, and the matched piston/push rod can closely fit the inner wall of the rubber cylinder.

Btectech company is a professional glue applicator syringe manufacturer, according to the customer requirements, the production of a variety of media and standard gluer applicator syringes and syringe barrels can be carried out.

Btektech sells the following Syringe Barrels: Dispensing Syringe Barrels, Dual Cartridge, Japan Syringe, Manual Syringe and Pressure Barrel Glue Syringe

Industrial Hose Clamps

The industrial hose clamp is a fastener for the connection of soft and hard pipes.

Btektech supply sixteen different kinds of industrial hose clamps,such as: Heavy-duty Hose clamps, Single Ear Hose Clamps, Double Ear Hose Clmaps, Rubber Insulated Clamps, etc.

Our industrial hose clamp have anti-vibration and anti-loose performance, and we can design and improve products according to customer needs and change our design in different work scenarios.

Dispensing Valves

Dispensing Valves are used to dispense and control various liquids to different stations.

Btektech dispensing valve can be divided into Needle Off Dispensing Valve, Suck Back Dispensing Valve, and plunger-type. Different types of valves are available for liquids with different viscosity, some valves are fitted with needles for accurate gluing.

Customers only need to provide us with the production requirements and related equipment situation, we can give professional advice on relevant equipment selection.

Epoxy Gun & Syringe Guns

Syringe Gun is a kind of gluing (or glue squeezing) dispensing tool, which may be used wherever glue is needed.

Btektech supply three different kinds of epoxy gun and syringe guns, they are Dual Cartridge Epoxy Gun, Manual Syringe Gun and Pneumatic Syringe Gun.

Btektech can produce various types of manual syringe guns for many purposes to meet the needs of different operating environments. And we can also provide customized service of Syringe Guns.

Other Dispensing Supplies

We can also supply other dispensing products, such as Syringe Adapter and Static Mixer Nozzle Luer Lock Adapter Fitting.

The dispensing syringe adapter has a high-strength mating sleeve, which will never loosen.