Tapered Dispensing Tips

Tapered needle funnel design allows fluid to flow smoothly.




Tapered Dispensing Tips:
The tapered needle design is unique and suitable for most liquids including gels, epoxy adhesives, resins, sealants, etc. And its exit precision forming without burrs, to ensure that the glue is accurate and consistent.

Tapered Dispensing Tip’s Parameters
Gauge Color Length(mm) ID(mm)
14 Olive 31.6 1.55
16 Grey 31.6 1.35
18 Green 31.6 0.84
20 Pink 31.6 0.6
22 Blue 31.6 0.41
25 Red 31.6 0.3
27 Clear 31.6 0.2
30 Lavender 31.6 0.16

*(Due to the different resolutions of computer monitors, chromatic aberration may occur.If necessary, please contact our customer service for samples. )

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