Aluminum Hub Dispensing Tips

Stainless steel tubes are cut to exact lengths and ground to burr-free.   Stainless steel tube inserted into the needle base, fixed by aluminum riveting.




Aluminum Hub Dispensing Tips:

Connect the needle holder with a steel pipe by aluminum inlay riveting. Avoid conventional dispensing needle adhesive glue that is easy to damage, or the danger of some liquid corrosion, so as to improve the service life of the point glue needle.

Aluminum Hub Dispensing Tip Series
Gauge Color ID(mm) OD(mm) 12.7mm(1/2″)
14 Olive 1.65mm 1.81mm AT 14050
15 Amber 1.4mm 1.81mm AT 15050
16 Grey 1.19mm 1.62mm AT 16050
18 Green 0.84mm 1.28mm AT 18050
20 Pink 0.6mm 0.91mm AT 20050
21 Purple 0.51mm 0.81mm AT 21050
22 Blue 0.41mm 0.71mm AT 22050
23 Orange 0.33mm 0.63mm AT 23050
25 Red 0.26mm 0.51mm AT 25050

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