Syringe Barrels

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What is Syringe Barrel?

The Syringe is composed of a syringe barrel, piston (pneumatic)/push rod (manual). The syringe barrel is smooth and delicate, and the matched piston/push rod can closely fit the inner wall of the rubber cylinder. It is made of high-precision inert material, with low friction, concave double knife design, and no liquid remaining in the cylinder. It can be used with a glue gun. There are models suitable for manual syringe guns and pneumatic syringe guns.

Material of Syringe Barrel:

The single-component syringe barrel is made of thickened PP material, which will never crack, and the inert material is acid and alkali-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. The two-component syringe barrel is made of PP material, which is suitable for storing two-component AB glue. It can also be installed on the supporting glue gun for dispensing.

Applications of Syringe Barrel:

As a common injection tool, the glue applicator syringe can be adopted to complete various types of fluid infusion and injection applications. Generally, the existence of the outer end of the syringe scale is to help the operator better control the glue, and glue injection and other applications. Glue applicator syringes can improve the gluing efficiency and are suitable for fluid infusion or paint infusion. And disposable dispensing syringe can be used to meet the needs of different media glue.

Structure of Syringe:

The Syringe Barrel is the cylindrical part of a syringe used to hold the liquid to be injected or drawn out. The syringe barrel is usually made of glass or plastic. It is usually marked with a measured value, which allows operators to make sure they are giving the correct dose or pumping out enough fluid. Each syringe barrel has several parts: the plunger draws in the liquid and pushes the liquid out of the barrel; The hub is connected with the needle barrel, forming a funnel, liquid through the funnel into the syringe; The protective cap is placed over the syringe to keep it intact.

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