Pressure Barrel Glue Syringe

Imported raw materials are used to resist impact, without adding any lubricant, release agent, electrostatic agent, to ensure that the glue does not solidify for a long time, no deformation.




Pressure Barrel Glue Syringe:
Pressure barrel glue syringe use superior PP material, exquisite integrated molding process, high verticality of products, uniform wall thickness, and good pressure resistance, in line with industrial application safety standards. International standard export, common to all models on the market, and with high-quality piston can ensure no residue of the cylinder wall, professional back cover and rubber cylinder more fit, better sealing. The supporting metal sleeve is convenient to use, and can also be used with all kinds of dispensing equipment and mechanical equipment. It can freely match the conversion needle and all kinds of discharge tubes. (Due to the different resolutions of computer monitors, chromatic aberration may occur. If necessary, please contact our customer service for samples. )

Pressure Barrel Glue Syring’s Parameters
No. Capacity  ID  OD  Length  Color 
BC01 2.5 OZ 40mm 43.26mm 100mm Clear/Amber /Black
BC02 6 OZ 40.65mm 43.26mm 181.5mm Clear/Amber /Black
BC03 12 OZ 40.65mm 43.26mm 314.3mm Clear/Amber /Black
BC04 32 OZ 65mm 68.3mm 346.4mm Clear/Amber /Black

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