Square Static Epoxy Mixing Nozzles

Square Static Epoxy Mixing Nozzles are based on the circular static mixing tube innovation, with high efficiency, economy, durable high-end products. It is composed of the left and right blades of the top and bottom arranged in order, when two or more kinds of fluid pass through each blade, will be cut into four parts. This makes the fluid mix more uniform.



The blades of the square static epoxy mixing nozzles are arranged in a natural order.

The resistance of the square static mixing nozzle is at least one-third less than that of the round hybrid tube, thus reducing the force of the drive and reducing the cost.

After using the static square mixing nozzles, the residual liquid adhered in the tube is more than one-third less than that of the circular static mixing tube, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials. 

Square Static Epoxy Mixing Nozzle’s Parameters
No. Part No. Elements I.D.(mm) L(mm) O.D.(mm) A(mm) Inner-core Color
A4 PMF6.0-16 16 5.3 83 7.5 1.8 Green/ Gold/pink/white
A6 PMF6.0-24 24 5.3 115 7.5 1.8 Green
B1 PMF06-24 24 5.3 127 7.5 1.8 Green
B2 PMF08-24 24 8.7 150 12 3.5 Green
B3 PMF08-24T 24 8.7 165 12 3.5 Green
B4 PMF08-32 32 8.7 188 12 3.5 Green
B65 MBQ08-18 18 8.7 143 12 3.5 Blue

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