X-Grid Static Epoxy Mixing Nozzles

The X-Grid is a specialized nozzle designed for use with plural-component spray equipment, typically used in the construction and coatings industries. It is specifically designed to mix and atomize two-component materials, such as epoxies, urethanes, and polyureas, at the point of application.

The X-Grid nozzle features a unique grid pattern that ensures thorough mixing of the two-component materials, resulting in a consistent and homogenous mixture. The nozzle is designed to work with a variety of different materials, including low and high viscosity coatings, and can be used with both airless and air-assisted spray equipment



One of the key benefits of the X-Grid mixing nozzle is that it reduces material waste and improves efficiency. By mixing the two-component materials at the point of application, the X-Grid ensures that the mixture is fresh and consistent, which reduces the need for costly rework and touch-ups. It also helps to minimize downtime, as the nozzle can be easily cleaned and reused for multiple applications.

GSM Static Epoxy Mixing Tubes take X type special structure,its element is composed of PP or nylon material. Each element crosses at 90 degrees. Therefore, the efficiency of the X-Grid Epoxy Mixing Tube is 3-10 times of spiral and square static mixing tubes, and it can solve the problem of the low efficiency of ordinary static mixing tubes. So the X-type epoxy mixing tube is suitable for the following situations: A and B adhesive consistency gap is large; the mixing ratio of A and B glue is wide; the flow of A and B glue is too fast.

Static Epoxy Mixing Tube’s Parameters
No. Part No. Elements I.D.(mm) L(mm) O.D.(mm) A(mm) Inner-core Color
G1 GSM9-12 12 9.3 146 12.5 3 White/Yellow
G2 GSM9-14 14 9.3 164 12.5 3 Blue/Yellow
G3 GSM9-16 16 9.3 183 12.5 3 White/Blue
G4 GSM9-20 20 9.3 220 12.5 3 Blue/Red

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