RM 13-12 Dynamic Epoxy Mixing Nozzle

RM series dynamic epoxy mixing nozzle is a mixing tube with scientific design and durable material. Equipped with a suitable dynamic mixing valve, the RM 13-12 dynamic mixing nozzle provides you with a complete set of suitable, low-cost solutions for mixing glues and drips.



RM 13-12 Dynamic Mixing Nozzle:
The RM 13-12 dynamic mixing tube is suitable for mixing 2 components low viscosity sealants and adhesives.This dynamic mixing nozzle has an internal white element. Manufactured from polypropylene, both are industrial grade, safe and silicone-free. The RM 13-12 dynamic mixing tube is suitable for all two-component materials. Metal protective tubes are recommended for all mixers. They can be used with any Luer adapter and any Luer lock tip. They are from China and offer airtight packaging.

No. Part No. Elements I.D(mm) L(mm) O.D(mm) A(mm) Inner color
1 RM12-13 12 13 197 17 4 Green

*(Due to the different resolutions of computer monitors, chromatic aberration may occur. If necessary, please contact our customer service for samples. )

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