Dynamic Epoxy Mixing Nozzles

RM/RS series dynamic epoxy mixing nozzle, is a domestic mixing tube, scientific design, durable material, matching the appropriate dynamic mixing valve, to provide customers with a suitable, low-cost mixing glue and drip perfusion scheme.



Dynamic Epoxy Mixing Nozzles:
Dynamic epoxy mixing nozzle and the difference between static mixing tube, pipe spiral leaf can rapid rotation, of course, the rotational force comes from the combination of machine, the gap of this unique proportion mixing tube is suitable for the liquid, and foam liquid, such as ethane, such as rubber, dynamic mixing tube is very easy to clean, is a two-component liquid mixture provides a low-cost solution, Using mixed tube can save manpower, reduce waste, improve productivity and significantly reduce the production cost, the product application in electronic manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, civil building, automobile manufacturing, gift decoration, etc. widely used in all sorts of two-component adhesive, filler mixed (including epoxy resin, silicone, PU, UV).

Plastic Mixing Nozzle Dynamic Mixer Tube

Dynamic Epoxy Mixing Nozzle’s Parameters
No. Part No. Elements I.D(mm) L(mm) O.D(mm) A(mm) Inner color
D1 RM12-16 16 12 128 16 2.8 Red
D2 RM12-16 16 12 128 16 2.8 Green
D3 RM12-26 26 12 182 16 4.5 Red
D4 RM12-26 26 12 182 16 4.5 Green
D5 RM17-26 26 17 216 21 4.5 Red
D6 RM17-26 26 17 216 21 4.5 Green
D7 RS12-16 16 12 128 16 2.8 Red
D8 RS12-16 16 12 128 16 2.8 Green
D9 RS12-26 26 12 182 16 4.5 Red
D10 RS12-26 26 12 182 16 4.5 Green
D11 MSR10-12 12 10 155 14 3 Green
D12 MSR13-12 12 13 197 17 4 Green
D13 SEC13-25 23 13 178 18 4.5 Red

*(Due to the different resolutions of computer monitors, chromatic aberration may occur.If necessary, please contact our customer service for samples. )

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