Dual Cartridge Epoxy Gun

This kind of dual cartridge epoxy gun is made by polymer engineering plastics and good quality of metal equipment with characteristics of hardness, lightness, flexible operation and durability. Our delivery gun makes glue easy to dispenser. It is specially for smudging or dripping various dual component of adhesive or paint to design, which can solve the problem of mixing two-component adhesive products unevenly.



The specification of dual cartridge epoxy gun 50ml is suitable for AB cartridge of 50ml , which has ratios of 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. In addition, Btektech’s epoxy gun also has 75ML 10:1dual cartridge applicator epoxy gun and 30ML, 50ML single component adhesive gun.

epoxy gun plunger
The specification of dual cartridge epoxy gun
Item No. Ratio Color Material(Body) Material(Plungers)
FT50-11 1:01 Offwhite PP+PA Metal
FT50-12 2:01 Offwhite PP+PA Metal
FT50-14 1:04 Offwhite PP+PA Metal
FT50-101 10:01 Offwhite PP+PA Metal
FT75-101 10:01 Offwhite PP+PA Metal

The epoxy glue gun handle is humanized with generous appearance. The plunger is durable and not easy to wear. The structure design of the epoxy gun is smooth. The glue cartridge is easy to install and disassemble. The dual cartridge epoxy gun is suitable for manual operation.

dual epoxy gun

This kind of product is very suitable for standard manual operation, disassembly and usage is very simple. The ink cartridge slides in and firmly fixed to position with lever, and then press the handle together to dispenser mixed epoxy resin. Please note, you also need disposable epoxy mixing nozzle.

dual cartridge epoxy gun

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