Suck Back Dispensing Valve

The suck-back dispensing valve is a valve that is designed to pull back a small amount of liquid into the needle or dispensing tip after dispensing. This is done to prevent dripping or stringing of the liquid, as well as to ensure accurate dispensing volumes. The valve creates a vacuum in the dispensing tip, which sucks the liquid back into the tip, preventing any remaining liquid from dripping out.

The Suck Back type dispensing valve has the characteristics of clean glue breaking, no wire drawing, no glue dropping, and corrosion resistance.



The back suction dispensing valve gives the solenoid valve a signal, so as to drive the dispensing valve piston to move down. The glue passes through the cylinder, and the glue is pressed out from the needle, so that the glue stops instantly and the glue is sucked off, and the residual glue on the needle head is reduced. The body of the suck back dispensing valve is anodized by aluminum alloy, and the contact colloid part is corrosion-resistant material.

Suck Back Dispensing Valve’s Parameters
Part No JF001 JF003 HMJQ-52 YK-28 YK-38
Structure Suck Back Compound action back suction type Suck Back Plunger back suction type Suck Back
Pressure 4-7KGF/CM 4-7KGF/CM 4-7KGF/CM 4-7KGF/CM 4-7KGF/CM
Minimum quantity 0.01ml 0.01ml 0.01ml 0.01ml 0.001ml
Viscosity 1-1000000CPS 1-1000000CPS 1-1000000CPS 1-1000000CPS 1-300000CPS
Inlet pressure <30KG <30KG <10KG <30KG <10KG
Inlet outlet Size 1/8″NPT(F) 1/4 NPT(F) 1/8″NPT(F) 1/8″NPT(F) 1/4 NPT Internal thread
Control Method <600/MIN <600/MIN <600/MIN <600/MIN <600/MIN
Weight 310g 500g 290g 290g 180g
Outer diameter (D)26*(H)140(g) (D)32*42*(H)140 Square (D)30*(H)170 ф30*149MM
The main material Aluminum alloy anodized/stainless steel Aluminum alloy (sandblasted + anodized) SU304, Aluminium alloy anode Anodized stainless steel and aluminum alloy Polyformaldehyde, fluoroplastics, stainless steel


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