Single Ear Clamps with Studs

Single ear clamps with studs are widely used in occupant safety systems to provide a safe and reliable connection solution. The hose clamp with stud uses a secure and reliable connection. The airbag clamp has good corrosion resistance.



Single ear clamps with stud provides a tight and secure seal and are user-friendly and reliable clips for airbag inflators that use mechanical interlocks to get the job done. Thanks to their modern design, these One-Ear bolt clamps are fully customizable and an excellent alternative. Reliably secure airbag inflators in occupant safety systems There are multiple ways to secure inflators, eliminating the need for custom airbag mounts. Ear position 180° or 45° makes assembly easier. The clamp position is simple and reliable. Quick and easy assembly is possible using process monitoring equipment.

Single Ear Clamps with Stud’s Parameters
diameter bolt Clamping force pneumatic tongs Manual clamp
10*1.0 20.6-50 M6 4600 TM5000 M03
10*1.0 20.6-50 M5 5000 TM5000 M03
14*1.0 20.6-50 M6 7000 TM7000 M03
14*1.0 20.6-50 M5 7400 TM7000 M03

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