Dynamic Mixing Nozzles

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What is Dynamic Mixing Nozzle?

Dynamic Mixing Nozzles are generally used in automatic mixing and titration systems. The difference between Dynamic Mixing Nozzles and Static Mixing Nozzles is that the spiral leaves inside the tube can be rotated rapidly in conjunction with the motor. It is also suitable for mixing liquids with foam, such as ethane and rubber! The mixing tube is easy to clean and provides a simple and convenient solution for mixing two-component liquids, saving labor, reducing waste, significantly increasing productivity, and reducing production costs.

The applications of Dynamic Mixing Nozzles:

This product is widely used in electronic production, electrical manufacturing, civil engineering, automotive manufacturing, gift decoration, and other industries, and is widely used in the mixing of various two-component adhesives and fillers (including epoxy resin, silicone, polyurethane, PU, UV, and another multi-component mixing).

RM and RS series
The main difference between RM and RS series is that the inner diameter of the interface is different: the inner diameter of the interface of the RM series is 22.5MM, the inner diameter of the interface of the RS series is 16.8MM. The dynamic mixing tube for special industries such as SEC13-25, which is mainly designed for the photovoltaic solar industry and has been widely used.