Which adhesive need static mixing nozzles

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Static mixing nozzles are commonly used with a variety of adhesives and materials that require thorough and homogeneous mixing. These nozzles are particularly beneficial when precise mixing ratios and consistent blending are essential for the adhesive’s performance. Some examples of adhesives that often require static mixing nozzles include:

Two-Part Epoxy Adhesives:

As previously mentioned, two-part epoxy adhesives consist of a resin and a hardener that need to be mixed in precise proportions. Static mixing nozzles ensure thorough blending and proper curing of the epoxy adhesive, resulting in strong and reliable bonds.

Polyurethane Adhesives:

Polyurethane adhesives also often require precise mixing of two or more components. Static mixing nozzles aid in achieving consistent ratios and thorough dispersion, enhancing the adhesive’s bonding properties.

Acrylic Adhesives:

Some acrylic adhesives are formulated as two-part systems that need to be mixed before application. Static mixing nozzles help ensure uniform mixing and promote optimal adhesive performance.

Silicone Adhesives and Sealants:

Certain silicone-based adhesives and sealants benefit from static mixing nozzles to achieve thorough blending and homogeneity, especially when used in precision applications.

Anaerobic Adhesives:

Anaerobic adhesives, which cure in the absence of air, can benefit from static mixing nozzles to ensure consistent blending of the adhesive with surfaces and substrates.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (Super Glue):

While not as common, some formulations of cyanoacrylate adhesives may require static mixing nozzles for specialized applications where precise mixing is important.

Sealants and Potting Compounds:

Various sealants, potting compounds, and encapsulants that consist of multiple components may require static mixing nozzles to achieve uniform blending and avoid air entrapment.


Static mixing nozzles are chosen based on the specific adhesive’s viscosity, mixing ratio, pot life, and application requirements. It’s important to follow the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations for nozzle selection and usage to ensure optimal adhesive performance and bonding outcomes.

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