Single Ear Stepless Hose Clamps

The position of the Single ear stepless hose clamps is optional. The adjustment range is large, and the number of holes can be increased or decreased to achieve a wider adjustment range. The stepless ear clamp adopts a 360° endless design, the surface of the hose is evenly compressed by force, and all-around sealing is guaranteed. Stepless ear clamps achieve a versatile effect in all sizes.



Single ear stepless hose clamps adopt the cochlear design so that the dimensional changes of the fasteners caused by temperature changes can be compensated, and they can maintain a good tightening state for a long time and effectively prevent leakage. The appearance is small, easy to install, fast and safe. The product is made of all 304-grade stainless steel sturdy and durable. Application: Widely used in hoses and plastic pipes, especially suitable for beverages, automobiles, ships, motorcycles, and industries. Installation: The installation of Single ear stepless hose Clamps requires the use of a special single-ear stepless clamp. Put the hose on the appropriate size Single ear hose clamp, put it into the connection device, put the hose clamp in the correct position, and then use the single ear hose clamp. Straight nose pliers clamp the ear of the hoop. It can use side pliers instead if space does not allow them and are installed so that they are parallel to the pipe. Specially shaped strip edges reduce the risk of damage to the clamped parts.

Single Ear Stepless Hose Clamp’s Parameters
specification Setting range Inner-ear width
32 10-32 10mm
40 20-40 10mm
45 25-45 10mm
50 30-50 10mm
55 35-55 10mm
60 40-60 10mm
65 45-65 10mm
70 50-70 10mm
75 55-75 10mm
80 60-80 10mm
85 65-85 10mm
90 70-90 10mm
95 75-95 10mm
100 80-100 10mm
105 85-105 10mm
110 90-110 10mm
120 100-120 10mm
130 110-130 10mm

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