Winter Maintenance: Cleaning Dual Cartridges for Optimal Performance

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As winter sets in, working with dual cartridges for adhesives or sealants can present unique challenges due to colder temperatures affecting their functionality. Proper maintenance and cleaning of these cartridges become essential to ensure their optimal performance in cold weather conditions.

Dual Cartridges
Dual Cartridges

Understanding the Challenge

Colder temperatures can impact the viscosity and flow of adhesives or sealants inside dual cartridges, potentially leading to clogging or inefficient dispensing. Cleaning these cartridges before and after use becomes crucial to prevent issues caused by residue buildup or freezing of the material.

Precautionary Steps

Storage Conditions: Store your dual cartridges in a climate-controlled environment whenever possible. Keeping them in a temperature-stable area can prevent the adhesive or sealant from thickening or freezing inside the cartridge.

Warm-Up Period: Before using the cartridges, allow them to acclimate to room temperature. This step helps in maintaining the material’s viscosity and ensures smoother dispensing.

Cleaning Process

Pre-Use Inspection: Check the cartridges for any visible residue or blockages before use. Clear any debris or hardened material around the nozzle or dispensing area using a clean cloth or solvent recommended by the manufacturer.

Flush the Cartridges: Prior to and after use, consider flushing the cartridges with a compatible solvent or cleaner specified by the adhesive/sealant manufacturer. This process helps remove any residual material from the cartridge components, ensuring smoother operation and preventing clogging.

Disassembly for Thorough Cleaning: Depending on the type of cartridge, some models allow for disassembly. If feasible, disassemble the cartridges according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and clean each component individually. Be cautious and gentle during disassembly to avoid damaging the cartridge parts.

Use of Warm Water or Solvent: For water-based adhesives or sealants, rinsing the cartridges with warm water might be effective. However, for other materials, using a compatible solvent for thorough cleaning is advisable. Always refer to the product’s safety data sheet (SDS) for recommended cleaning agents.

Post-Cleaning Storage

After cleaning, ensure the cartridges are completely dry before storage. Moisture left in the cartridges can lead to material contamination or freezing in colder temperatures. Store the cartridges in a clean and dry environment, away from extreme cold or heat.


Cleaning dual cartridges used for adhesives or sealants during winter requires attention to detail and the use of appropriate cleaning agents to prevent clogging and ensure consistent performance. By following these steps for maintenance and cleaning, you can effectively preserve the functionality of the cartridges and optimize their performance even in colder temperatures.

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