Spring Hose Clamps

Spring hose clamps are self-tensioning sealing assemblies that ensure leak-free sealing of hose/socket joints.
The spring hose clamp is manufactured by austempering process. The hose spring clamp is made of high-strength chrome vanadium spring steel with excellent flexibility and strength, ensuring a reliable, leak-proof connection between the hose and the fitting.



Once the rotor hose clamp is installed on the hose fitting, there is no need to readjust the clamp over time. The hillman spring hose clamp is exquisite in material selection, excellent in heat treatment, and surface treatment is deepened. It selects excellent stainless steel materials, and controls the temperature from the test of the incoming material to the heat treatment after the finished product, to maximize the material’s elasticity! Spring hose clamps are available in various colors and sizes to meet your needs. These clips have wider straps than other constant tension clips, providing more coverage and reducing the chance of leaks. The hose spring clamp allows the clamp to automatically expand and contract with the hose or tube when the temperature fluctuates. Clamps are used for sturdy plastic and rubber hoses and tubes. Black-colored clips are black phosphate coated. They have good corrosion resistance and stability.

Spring Hose Clamp’s Parameters
Inner diameter optimization
(mm) D
Non-optimal D
Material thickness
(mm) T
(mm) d
φ7 7.5 0.6 6
φ8 8.5 0.8 8
φ9 9.5 0.8 8
φ10 10.5 0.8 8
φ11 11.5 0.8 8
φ12 12.5 0.8 8
φ13 13.5 0.8 10
φ14 14.5 0.8 10
φ15 15.5 1 10
φ16 16.5 1 10
φ17 17.5 1 10
φ18 18.5 1 10
φ19 19.5 1 10
φ20 20.5 1.2 12
φ20 20.5 1.5 15
φ21 21.5 1.5 15
φ22 22.5 1.5 15
φ23 23.5 1.5 15
φ24 24.5 1.5 15
φ25 25.5 1.5 15
φ28 28.5 1.5 15
φ30 30.5 1.5 15

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