B1 Square Static Epoxy Mixing Nozzle, 127mm Length

B1 square static epoxy mixing nozzle has 127mm lengths and 24 elements, Suitable for mixing glue with high viscosity.
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The square static epoxy mixing nozzle is better than the general round mouth mixing tube, the basic color is green or gold. This product can greatly reduce the amount of glue adhering to the mixing tube, effectively reducing raw material losses and saving costs.

B1 Square Static Epoxy Mixing Nozzle Green Specification

Product Details

Brand Btektech Country of Origin China
No B1 Part No PMF06-24
Collection PMF Series Material Polypropylene/PP
Elements 24 Length(mm) 127mm
Interior Diameter(mm) 5.3mm Outside Diameter(mm) 7.5mm
A-Outlet(mm) 1.8mm Inner Color Green
Item Weight 12KG/3000pcs Package Dimensions 58.5 x 38.5 x 35 cm


Mode of transport
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Ships out within 5-10 business days
Estimated Shipping time by country
Turkey 7-18 days United States 7-28 days
Mexico 7-28 days Canada 7-28 days
India 10-25 days Russia 10-30 days
Norway 10-30 days Saudi Arabia 10-30 days
United Kingdom 10-35 days Australia 10-35 days
France 10-35 days Israel 10-35 days
Germany 10-35 days Spain 10-35 days
Portugal 10-35 days Brazil 10-40 days

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Btektech epoxy mixing nozzles


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