Static Mixer Nozzle Luer Lock Adapter Fitting

The function of the Luer lock mix nozzle adapter is to connect the needle and the mixing tube to achieve precise dispensing requirements. When you need a smaller amount of glue, you can switch the needle in the mixing tube.



Luer lock mix nozzle adapter is specially designed to meet your better use of a mixing tube. In the actual operation process, the original mixing tube glue precision may not be very good to meet the requirements. Customers can connect the precision dispensing needle by adding the Luer lock mix nozzle adapter to meet the operation process of more precise dispensing and glue strip process.

There are two kinds of Luer lock mix nozzle adapter materials, copper-nickel plating material and plastic material, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance.  The adapter needle interface adopts a standard thread mouth, can be connected with all kinds of conventional thread mouth, bayonet dispensing needle; the Mixing pipe interface adopts an internal thread type, 4 kinds of internal diameter thread, can be connected with a variety of styles of mixing pipe.

Luer lock mix nozzle adapter’s Parameters
No. Part No. Interface I.D (mm) Length(mm) Suitable for inner diameter Color Material
1 JT-11 9 22.5 Dynamic mixing M12-16/ RM12-26/ RM17-26 SILVER Nickel plated brass
2 JT-01 7 22.5 10 mm SILVER Nickel plated brass
3 JT-02 6 22.5 6~8mm SILVER Nickel plated brass
4 JT-03 5 22.5 5.4~6.3mm SILVER Nickel plated brass
5 LA 05-00 5 22.5 5.4~6.3mm WHITE Plastic
6 LA 06-08 6 22.5 6~8mm GRAY Plastic
7 LA 10-00 7 22.5 10 mm BLACK Plastic


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