How To Choose The Right Hose Clamp For You

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Hose clamps, also known as pipe straps, pipe clamps, and clamps, can be used for fastening the flexible and hard hoses connection, and are widely used in automobiles, industrial machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food, wine-making, sewage treatment, purification and dust removal, ventilation systems and other industries. It is usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel 200 series, 300 series, 400 series, and so on. There are mainly American-type hose clamps, German-style hose clamps, Single Ear Stepless Hose Clamps, Heavy Duty Hose Clamps, etc.

1. American-type hose clamps, also known as conventional hose clamps, are general hose clamps with wide applications.

Features: The rectangular-hole groove on the steel strip provides a more powerful and precise meshing, and the torque is larger than that of the German-style hose clamp; the disadvantage is that there is a dead angle under the worm, which is prone to leakage.

2. The main difference between German-style hose clamps and American-style hose clamps is that German-style hose clamps are non-perforated. The non-perforated and flanged design can protect the surface of the hose from damage.

Features: with the well-balanced torque, the uniform pressure, it can provide a stable and safe fastening effect; the disadvantage is that there is a dead angle under the worm, which is prone to leakage.

Application: Usually used in the automotive industry, home appliance, industry, mining, maritime and other industries, especially for the connection of hoses. You can select corresponding material according to the actual application environment.

3. Heavy duty hose clamps

Features: 360° electrode design, uniform pressure force and compression on the surface of the hose, all-round sealing, no dead angle; cochlear design, compensating the dimensional changes of the fasteners caused by temperature changes, and maintaining a good tightening state for a long time. Effectively prevent leakage; compact shape, simple installation, rapidity, and security.

Application: Widely used in hoses and plastic pipes, especially suitable for beverages, automobiles, shipping, motorcycles and industries, and other fields.installation: The installation of this type of hose clamps requires the use of a special single-lug electrodeless plier. Put the single-lug electrodeless hose clamps on the flexible hose, put into the connecting device, place the hose clamps in the correct position, and then clamp the lug with the single-ear straight jaw plier.

You can switch to the use of side pliers, and make it parallel to the pipe fittings during the installation when it is not allowed to use straight jaw pliers.

Application: American-style hose clamps are widely used in the automobile industry (air intake system, radiator hose, and heater hose connection, turbocharger, diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas circulation system, and other pipe fittings’ connection), fire protection, railway, home appliance, agriculture, maritime, health care, food, and other industries.The hose clamp is a kind of screw-driven fastening device used for the connection and fastening of various flexible and hard hoses in pipelines. At present, the most common hose clamps on the market are mostly made of stainless steel 304.

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