How the epoxy mixing nozzle works

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Epoxy mixing nozzles are an essential component in the dispensing process of epoxy adhesives. They are designed to efficiently and accurately mix two-part epoxy adhesive systems, which typically consist of a resin and a hardener. The mixing nozzle provides a convenient and effective way to mix the two components without the need for manual mixing, ensuring consistent mixing ratios and reducing the likelihood of human error. In this blog, we will explore the design and functionality of epoxy mixing nozzles, their advantages and applications, and how to properly use them.

Design and Functionality:

Epoxy mixing nozzles are typically made from a rigid plastic material and feature a helical mixing element. The mixing element is designed to create a turbulent flow of the two-part epoxy adhesive, ensuring thorough mixing of the two components. As the adhesive is dispensed through the nozzle, it is forced through the helical mixing element, which causes the resin and hardener to be thoroughly mixed together.

The mixing element is located in the center of the nozzle and is surrounded by a series of chambers. The two components of the epoxy adhesive are delivered to the nozzle via separate channels and are mixed in the chambers surrounding the mixing element. The mixed adhesive is then dispensed from the end of the nozzle, ready for use.


Epoxy mixing nozzles offer several advantages over traditional manual mixing methods. Firstly, they ensure consistent mixing ratios, which is critical for the performance of the adhesive. Inconsistencies in mixing ratios can result in weak bonds, premature failure, or other undesirable outcomes.

Secondly, epoxy mixing nozzles reduce the likelihood of human error. Manual mixing can be time-consuming, messy, and prone to error, particularly when working with large volumes of adhesive. The use of mixing nozzles eliminates the need for manual mixing, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a consistent mix every time.


Epoxy mixing nozzles are commonly used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and electronics. They are particularly useful in applications where a strong, reliable bond is required. Examples include bonding metals, plastics, and composites, as well as encapsulating electronic components.

Epoxy mixing nozzles are also commonly used in repair and maintenance applications, where a quick and reliable bond is required. For example, they are frequently used in automotive repairs to bond body panels, repair fiberglass components, and attach trim pieces.

Proper Use:

Proper use of epoxy mixing nozzles is critical to ensure a successful bond. Here are some tips for using epoxy mixing nozzles:

  • Make sure the nozzle is properly secured to the dispensing gun. The nozzle should be firmly in place to prevent any leakage.
  • Check the expiration date of the adhesive. Expired adhesive can result in poor bond performance.
  • Prime the nozzle by dispensing a small amount of adhesive before starting the actual application. This helps to ensure that the adhesive is properly mixed and eliminates any air pockets in the nozzle.
  • Make sure to dispense the adhesive within the pot life of the adhesive. Pot life is the amount of time that the adhesive remains workable after mixing.
  • Dispose of the used nozzle after each use. The nozzle cannot be reused, as the cured adhesive will block the mixing element.


Epoxy nozzles are designed to improve productivity by allowing the adhesive to mix well through the internal structure.

However, it is important to note that when selecting an epoxy nozzle, the interface, number of mixing elements, and length are all important factors. If you buy an unsuitable epoxy nozzle, you will not only waste money, but also delay the production schedule.

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