Facts and Features of Disposable Static Mixing Tubes

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Two-component structural glue makes a better adhesive than regular glues, especially when manufacturing large load-bearing objects. It can be made by mixing two components in a specific ratio using the right mixing tube. After mixing components A and B, disposable static mixing tubes will continue to cut and reunite the two materials to create a uniform mixture.

If you’re new to using a disposable static mixing tube, you might have some questions about it and its features. Here are some of the things you must know:

Essential for two-component adhesive mixing

If you think that any mixing tube can work, think again. Disposable static mixing tubes are made, specifically for combining two-component adhesive smoothly. They are consumables that require regular replacement to ensure optimum quality and function. Handheld branch adhesive can be mixed automatically in the appropriate volume ratio for every component. A uniform color distribution means a homogeneous mix. Adhesives cure fast after mixing.

Round and square

Mixing components A and B is a process that involves round and square mixing tubes, depending on whether it’s an automatic or manual process. Round mixing tubes are typically used with a piece of automatic coating equipment, while round or square tubes are versatile for manual gluing.


Reputable manufacturers and suppliers of disposable static mixing tubes offer different forms of these products, such as Bell Mouth, Bayonet, and Twist and Lock. Each type is designed for specific applications.

The interface of the mixing tube takes a spiral or bayonet form so it can continuously cut, rotate, shear, and remix glue several times. The spiral blade lets the glue rotate to the left or right to change the direction of the flow. In the process, the central fluid is pushed to the periphery while the surrounding fluid goes to the center to create an effective mixing effect.


Disposable static mixing tubes are used often in thermoplastic processing and injection molding. For the latter, the nozzles are extended with a low-pressure drop and high mixing efficiency.

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