Dispensing barrel’s parameters and application

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Dispensing barrel, also known as storage barrels, barrels, etc., are containers for storing adhesive in pneumatic dispensing devices.

According to the different characteristics of some glues, there are various colors of barrels to prevent the glue from reacting to light. Matched with a suitable syringe adapter, it can achieve sealing and high-precision dispensing.

Among them, the special amber dispensing syringe is suitable for the dispensing of UV dispensing machine and its particularity is that it has the function of shielding UV light. The amber syringe barrels are often used together with beveled syringe needle because of its UV-shielding capabilities. There is also a black UV-resistant dispensing barrel, which is usually used for dispensing of light-curing adhesive. Unlike the amber syringe barrel, the black UV-resistant syringe barrel has the ultraviolet-proof function.

Dispensing barrels can be divided into single-liquid, AB glue barrels, and 300CC large dispensing syringe, etc. Single-liquid barrel is used for one-component dispensing. AB glue barrels are mainly used for daubing dispensing of two-liquid glue. Match with various types of AB glue guns and static mixing tubes, can not only automatically mix AB glue, but also control the glue outflow at will, which is convenient and durable. 300CC large-capacity dispensing barrel is suitable for a large number of dispensing operations, which can reduce the number of glue filling and improve the work efficiency. It can be directly used as a barrel for dispensing, and the glue outflow is very clean during the use. When feeding, it is necessary to add a feeding nozzle, a pressure regulating device, etc. The feeding is very convenient, and the glue position can be seen visually, which is suitable for various glues.


Dispensing barrel’s parameters

The dispensing barrel has five major parameters:

1.Curing temperature curve

For the curing of the glue used in the dispensing barrel, the manufacturer has given a temperature curve generally. In practice, a higher temperature should be used for curing, so that the glue shall have sufficient strength after curing.

2.Distance from working surface

Different dispensing machines use different dispensing syringes, some of which have a certain stopper strength. Before each work starts, the calibration of the distance between the dispensing barrel and the working surface, that is, the Z-axis height calibration, should be made.


The glue must not have bubbles. A small bubble will result in the fact that many products have no glue; every time the rubber hose is replaced halfway, the air at the joint should be emptied to prevent the phenomenon of empty dispensing.

4.Dispensing pressure

The dispensing equipment provides a certain pressure to the syringes (glue gun) to ensure the glue supply, and the pressure determines the amount of glue supply and the outflow speed of glue. If the pressure is too high, it will easily cause the glue to overflow and the amount of glue is too much; if the pressure is too small, there will be intermittent dispensing and leakage points, which will lead to product defects. The pressure should be determined according to the properties of the glue and the temperature of the working environment. High ambient temperature will reduce the viscosity of the glue and improve its fluidity. At this time, the pressure value requires to be lowered, and vice versa.

5.Viscosity of glue

The viscosity of the glue directly affects the quality of the dispensing barrel. If the viscosity is relatively high, the glue point will become smaller or even presented in the stringy state; if the viscosity is small, the glue point will become larger, which may dye the product. In the process of dispensing, a reasonable pressure and dispensing speed should be chosen for different viscosities of glue.


Dispensing barrel’s application

There are a variety of dispensing barrels used in the SMT dispensing industry, and the most suitable types require to be chosen. It is widely used in LED, semiconductor manufacturing, medicine and other industries.
dispensing barrels

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