Disposable Plastic Mixing Nozzle Static Mixer Tube

X-Grid disposable static mixer

The characteristic of this product is it can fast mixing, fast extrusion, glue saving, and it can not easy to be blocked.



Disposable Plastic Mixing Nozzle Static Mixer Tube:
GSM static mixing tube X type special structure,its element is composed of PP or nylon material. Each element crosses at 90 degrees. Therefore, the efficiency of the X-Grid disposable static mixer is 3-10 times of spiral and square static mixing tubes, and it can solve the problem of the low efficiency of ordinary static mixing tubes. So the X-type mixing tube is suitable for the following situations: A and B adhesive consistency gap is large; the mixing ratio of A and B glue is wide; the flow of A and B glue is too fast.

Disposable Plastic Mixing Nozzle Static Mixer Tube’s Parameters
No. Part No. Elements I.D.(mm) L(mm) O.D.(mm) A(mm) Inner-core Color
G1  GSM9-12 12 9.3 146 12.5 3 White/Yellow
G2  GSM9-14 14 9.3 164 12.5 3 Blue/Yellow
G3  GSM9-16 16 9.3 183 12.5 3 White/Blue
G4  GSM9-20 20 9.3 220 12.5 3 Blue/Red

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